Frequently Asked Questions

New Student Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to be in the Drumline / Marching Band?
Fun, rewarding and exhausting. Please visit the Marching Band website for more information.
Do I have to be a Music Major to be in the Marching Band?
No. Anyone interested in Marching Band can audition to participate in Marching Band. In fact, about 95% of the students in the Marching Band are non-music majors. If you're interested in joining the Marching Band, please visit the Marching Band Website to learn more and submit your information.
Is there a registration deadline for Marching Band?

Yes. The registration deadline to submit forms and fees is typically sometime during the last week of June. The most up to date information is at Auditions.
If you need forms mailed to you, please call 612-624-2514.

Are there any Camps for Drumline or Marching Band?
For students preparing for their Drumline Audition:
We typically have two open rehearsals in Mid-Spring to help new students prepare for Auditions. You would have to contact other sections to see if they do something as well. More information on the open Drumline rehearesals to prepare for Auditions can be found on the Auditions page.
For students who have auditioned into the Band:
The Drumline will have two rehearsals just prior to "Spat Camp" (our Band Camp) in the middle of August to get a head start on the season.
Are Wednesday night Drumline rehearsals mandatory during the Football season?
Yes. Do not schedule anything else on Wednesday nights during the Gopher Football season.
What are auditions like?
Please visit Auditions for this answer.
Where can I park for Auditions?
If you don't mind walking about a mile you can park for free on the streets of the Dinkytown neighborhood just West of the stadium.

If you're staying at a hotel there may be Public Transportation Options that are more convenient.

Otherwise there is Campus Parking near the stadium.
When can I sign up for an audition time?
Everyone signs up for an audition time at the beginning of the audition day. Please visit Auditions for times and locations.
I live far away, is there a place for me to stay the night before auditions that is near campus so I can be ON TIME for Audition Day?
Yes. Please contact a leader to work out informal housing for the night before auditions.
Do I have to sign up for an audition time?
Yes. If you absolutely cannot be at auditions ON TIME, please let us know ahead of time so that you are not excluded from our audition schedule.
Please visit Auditions for times and locations.
Can I audition on more than one instrument?
Yes. Please visit Auditions for times and locations.
What equipment do I need for Auditions?
Other than using snare sticks or tenor mallets or sticks you are comfortable using, no equipment is needed. If someone insists on buying the same mallets or sticks we use, they can see our equipment list COMING SOON.
How many people typically Audition for Drumline, and how many students are in each section?
About 35-50 people audition for the 25 open spots on the line depending on the year. So about half of the people who audition will perform for the season.
We march 8 Snares, 6 Multi-Tenors, 6 Bass Drums and 10 Cymbals.
(Yes, that equals 30. The 5 leaders are not included in the 25 open spots.)
Those who are not selected are welcome to return for Athletic Band auditions.
Do I have to have the Audition music memorized?
No. However, memorized auditions will be preferred over non-memorized auditions when deciding between two similar performances. Music will have to be memorized for camp anyway, so why not have it memorized?
Where can I live during the days between "Drumline Camp" and Spat Camp if I am selected to perform on Drumline?
If you can't find housing on your own there are usually returning students with a couch or floor space to accommodate new members until Spat Camp.
Contact someone on leadership if you'd like to arrange temporary living space for this situation.
I'm unable to attend the audition day on campus but I would still like to audition. What do I do?
Please contact us at DRUMLINE@UMN.EDU and let us know about your circumstances so we can inform you on how to proceed.
Do I have to be a student at the University of Minnesota to play in the Drumline?
No. All that is required is that you are selected at auditons, agree to the Marching Band Policies, commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule and pay the fees for the class (Marching Band).
Please visit Auditions for more information.
For information about Marching Band Policies, please call 612-624-2514.
What is Spat Camp?
This is our Band Camp.
How much does it cost to join the Marching Band?
This question will be better answered by calling the Marching Band Office at 612-624-2514.
Are there Scholarships or Financial Assistance opportunities for Marching Band Students?
This question will be better answered by calling the Marching Band Office at 612-624-2514.
Do I have to play Traditional Grip to play Snare Drum?
Yes. If Traditional Grip is new to you, please read Traditional Grip.
What equipment does the Drumline use?
What sticks and mallets does the Drumline use?
What type of cymbals does the Drumline use?
The University of Minnesota Drumline exclusively plays Zildjian Cymbals
How do I join the Marching Band?
You can get started by completing the Marching Band Join Form.
Does the Band memorize their music for the season?
Yes. Show music and traditional music is memorized for performances.
What music will the band play for Halftime?
The band memorizes and performs a different halftime show for every home football game. That's about 7 shows.
What are the traditions and history of the Drumline?
We're working on a "Traditions" page which will be found in conjunction with the "About" page.
What are the traditions and history of the Marching Band?
Please visit Marching Band History.



Booking Frequently Asked Questions

Are the members of the Drumline all students?
Is the Drumline part of the Marching Band?
Are the students of the Drumline available for non-University performances?
Because of the intense athletic schedule coinciding with the students' lives, it's extremely rare that the full Drumline would perform outside of University activities.
If you are interested in having the drumline perform at your event, please send email to with all of the relevant information for your request.
Please also read about performance fees below.
What are the fees to hire the students of the Drumline for a performance?
This is determined by the concensus of the students on a case to case basis. But to give you an idea; a bus to transport the students and their equipment around the Twin Cities would cost between $500 - $1000.
If the students deem an appearance appropriate for compensation, payment could be $1500 or higher depending on the students determination of the value of their time when requested.
What are the traditions and history of the Drumline?
What are the traditions and history of the Marching Band?
Please visit Marching Band History.